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New Violation and Fining Policy

The Limestone Ranch HOA Board of Directors has developed and approved the following Violation Notice and Fine Structure.

Amended rules regarding violation notices and fines

Please review this document as it is a change that may affect you.

What does this mean for you?  Essentially, if you property is in violation, you will be given a detailed notice of your violation and adequate time to remedy that violation.  Failure to comply may result in fines being levied against the property.

Should your property be fined, you will have the opportunity to appeal to the board to have the fines reversed.  The determination of the Board of Directors will be the final decision on the matter.

In conclusion, these new rules were enacted to give the board the authority to better enforce the By Laws and Covenants of the Association.  By better enforcing the rules, the quality and appearance of the neighborhood can be maintained at a very high level.