Board Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2018

Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association
Board Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2018
(BODs Approved 6.20.2018)


Gene: Alligator cracks at 4 corners, street parking may be increasing, time for new vendor code


1. The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:06 pm. Board members in attendance included Tom Angotti, Greg Anderson, and Reid Cain. Erinn Corkins was present from Wildwood Management.

2. Success stories: Shout Outs
• Pride of Ownership showing in yards. Yard of the Month will be awarded in June.
• It’s great to see neighbors meeting neighbors.
• BOD appreciates how Erinn approaches tasks.


•April Minutes were approved. Greg motioned and seconded by Reid. Motion carried without objection.


  1. Review and Approval of April 2018 financials. Reid made a motion to approve. Seconded by Greg and the motion carried without objection.
  2. Overview with Variance Report Out May 10th
    • From April 30th Report
      •  2018 Annual Budget – $95.9K Income; $77,899 Operating Expense; $18,000 Reserve.
      •  YTD Actual $38,009.25 Income – 39.6% of Total Budget; $6,041 above YTD Target of $31,968
      •  YTD Actual $26,555 Operating Expense – 34% of YTD Target ($591.50) variance or above YTD Target of $25,964
      •  YTD Reserve Contribution $6,000, on target.
      •  Total Replacement Reserve Expenses YTD – $16.2K
      •  $45.4K CAB Replacement Reserve / $134.7K FCB MM / CAB operating at $26.6Kor $201.7K Total Assets.
    • April Variance Report noted several categories were under budget bringing the YTD operating expense in at Budget
  3. Delinquency Report – Continued Improvement
    • As of April 31st – $4,953.80 total with $3211 Current; $369.33- 30 days; $256.22 – 60 days; $1485.96 – 90 days outo 17 late Notices sent in April, going into April 7 accounts were delinquent
  4. Compliance Report – 3rd Wednesday Drive througho Letters allow 30 days for corrections so it will not be the same day each month• Number & Nature of Violations – Any Concerns


• Two Action Items completed in April with 1 ACC request approved and 8 Violations sent


1. Social Committee: Courtney, Patti and Mari

• Welcome Baskets – To be delivered – New Resident Listings
-Courtney to take the lead. Ordering 5 baskets is approved to include folder, SodaPops of Boerne Card and card signed by BOD

  • Last Day of School Event June 7th – $500 budget
  • July 4th Celebration – possible events include: Kids Parade/Apple Pie Contest/Baby Crawl/PotatoSack Races/Watermelon seed spitting/Family Games/BOD cook burgers and hotdogs. Date of June 23rd considered

2. ACC
• Updates – Overall Pulse of the ACC – Any Trending


1. CCR Email Blast/Prepare Email
2. Safety Letter sent out via Mail
3. Playground Repair Update – Ropes missing, picnic table repair $900 Budget, Rainbow Play Systems called for full inspection and repairs.
4. Security Camera – Front Gates put on hold
5. Electrical to Pavilion – put on hold
6. Bexar Landscaping Follow-up

  1. Playscape Area – $703.63 Bid is approved motioned by Reid with second by Greg. WW to request completion on Friday
  2. Perennials at corner and entrance $608.91 Bid is approved get them done – Budget allows 3500 Annual flowers plus 1500 trees.
  3. Rock was not re-set. Confirm Timeline

7. Vaquero/Waste Connection Rate Adjustment – TA Sent Email to LSR – All rollbacks, credits to be completed by end of May
• 3 yr. contract – April 1, 2017 – April 30, 2020
• $63 / plus tax per quarter
• Each year, CPI / Customer Price Index adjustment
• For LSR, 2nd Qtr to Q1-2018 is 2.2% or $1.39 per qtr. Adjustment.• April 1st, 2018 12 month rate is $64.39 per quarter

8. Update/Strategy for Back Exit / Frontage Road Study

  • HOA survey completed – 121 for, 3 opposed
  • Updated pricing on gate(s) – Reid C./ $28k (40K)
  • Electric- $8k
  • Security- $TBD
  • Completed Survey to include the common area, Lot 50, to include the concrete aproncurrently shown on Lot 51. Lot 51 survey to subtraction of the concrete apron ($2,300 paidto Lot 51 homeowner). No changes to Lot 49 regarding the property lines.
  • Final Surveys completed and filed / Steve T. and Ricardo N. / Lot 50 LSR HOA
  • Suberg Electric trenched and laid conduit, week of 3.12. CPS to set meter loop and pull wire from Utility pole, week of 3.19.

    • CPS to set meter 4.18.2018 – DONE

    •Security Installation approved by BOD May 17 via email
    •$99/month air card
    •$75/month for 3 year contract on monitoring with MultiLink Security
    •$7285.07 plus tax approved for installation


    1. Summer Movies – June through August
    a. Amp for Sound System upgrade is approved not to exceed $500.00. Reid motioned,

    seconded by Greg.
    2. Yard of the Month – Will be selected in June

    IX. SCHEDULE NEXT MEETING- Wednesday, June 20 – Tom’s home

    X. ADJOURNMENT – Board meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm

    Respectfully Submitted by:
    Erinn Corkins, Community Manager for Limestone Ranch HOA

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