Annual Meeting Minutes – October 7, 2010

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of
The General Membership of the
Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc
October 7, 2010

The annual meeting of the general membership of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc., a Texas nonprofit corporation (the “Association”) was held at Leon Springs Elementary School, 23881 W. IH 10, San Antonio, Texas 78257, pursuant to call by the President of the Association.

Directors Present:    Cathy McCanless, Fred Huff, Col. Sutton and Jeff Hutzler
Directors Absent:    Dana Green
Also Present:    Laure Beaver of Association Management Services

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by the Association Manager.

Introduction and Opening Remarks: Mr. Beaver thanked the homeowners present for attending the meeting, and introduced herself and the Board of Directors.

Quorum: The bylaws of the Association require ten (10%) percent of the membership be present in person or by proxy. Quorum requirements were met. There were nineteen (19) lots represented by homeowners in person.

Proof of Notice: Notice of the annual meeting was mailed to the general membership on September 22, 2010 in accordance with the bylaws. All members present received notice.

Guest Speaker: Det. Gleason of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office introduced himself and addressed the membership. He spoke on behalf of Bexar County, to provide some tips and information to keep residents safe: *Hot times for criminal activity are 9am-3pm *Purchase a keyless deadbolt for your entry doors.
*Get to know your neighbors. *Lock your gates
*Introduce yourself, exchange contact information, let them know when you plan on being out of town or away from home and keep an eye on each other.
*De clutter the entrance to your home, so that there are not hiding places for criminals.
*Set your alarm any time you are away- even it if it is not monitored.
*Adjust your garage doors so there is no slack, for someone to push it in and pull the emergency break away cord.
*Leave a radio or television on when you are away.
*Use timers on lights and lamps.
*Don’t answer the door if you are not expecting a visitor. *When you purchase big ticket items, such as TV’s, computers, ect, tear up the box and place in trash bags, rather then place the intact box at the curb.
*Park your vehicles in the garage if possible, or park under a driveway light and lock your vehicle at all times. *Remove valuables from your car and do not leave anything in view.

*Remove the suction cups from your windshield for radar detectors and GPS/navigation systems.
*Mark items in your home to identify them as yours, and keep a list of all of your electronics, along with make/model/serial numbers.
*Lock your garage doors at night.
Det. Gleason provided his email address so that residents may contact him directly with other questions,
Homeowners may contact the Sheriff’s Office for a free home inspection, which could entitle them to a discount off of their homeowners insurance.

Approval of Minutes: The annual meeting minutes from October 27, 2009 were approved as presented.

Financial Report: The 2009 year to end figures were reviewed, as well as the 2010 year to date figures.

Developer Update: Mr. Hutzler spoke on behalf of the Developer.
The current builder in the community is Coventry Homes. He noted that Plantation Homes is the same as Coventry. Mr. Hutzler stated that Greenland Ventures will pay for the missing wrought iron fence panel on the right side of the entry gates.

Board Update: Mrs. McCanless spoke on behalf of the Board.
Pending for approval and installation is a fence across the drain on Autumn Terrace. The Board is also reviewing different fence options for the rear gate/fence area between the HOA and the mobile home park beside it.

Election of Three (3) Directors, Two (2) for a Two (2) Year Term and One (1) for a One Year Term: Nominees are Fred Huff and Jeff Hutzler. The floor was opened for nominations. Scott Beavers, previous Board member, nominated from the floor. With no further nominations the floor was closed. Ms. Beaver explained that the two candidates with the most votes would fill the two, two year vacancies, and Greenland Ventures has used all of their votes for Mr. Hutzler. Members present stated they wished to have the two year term be given to Huff, and voted by acclimation for the three nominees.
The terms from the election are as follows:
Jeff Hutzler – Two (2) year term.
Fred Huff – Two (2) year term.
Scott Beavers – One (1) year term.


  • /  Gates: The gates will not be closed during the day, as there are still lots for sale and active construction.
  • /  Gates: It was requested that owners be cognizant of drivers trying to follow them in to gates.
  • /  Fall Festival: The Fall Festival will be this Sunday from 4-7 pm at the community park, toinclude catered BBQ, fact painting, pony rides and a DJ.
  • /  Directory: It was requested that the directory be made available online. This option will be looked in to, however if available, would be password protected. The 2010-2011 directories were mailed out yesterday to all owners.
  • /  Car Decals: A suggestion from the floor was to have car decals on all resident cars, in order to easily determine if someone is an owner or not. The Board previously discussed this after the 2009 annual meeting, however did not agree to have car decals available. They will readdress this idea at the next Board meeting.

Adjournment: With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:59 p.m.
Laure Beaver, Recording Secretary
Cathy McCanless, Vice President