Board Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2016

Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association
Official Board Meeting Minutes (BODs approved 5.18.2016)
April 20, 2016
7:00 PM


Items discussed: possibility of more speed bumps, lack of perimeter fencing could allow trespassing through drainage and wooded area where snakes may lurk, key pad could be grounded or rubber added to avoid shock.


The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:16 pm. Persons in attendance were Board President Tom Angotti, Reid Cain, and Greg Anderson. Erinn Corkins was present from Wildwood. Shout out to Limestone Ranch for being the kind of community that comes together for a successful Easter Celebration attended by 90 kids and nearly 200 adults. BBQ and Pizza Trucks were a huge success with 276 meals served. Clean-up efforts by the community were much appreciated.


Motion made by Reid Cain to approve February 17, 2016 minutes without correction and seconded by Greg Anderson.


Motion made by Reid to approve January, February and March 2016 Financial Statements, Greg seconded.

WW to send copy of Management Agreement so that inclusions can be defined and any possible duplication of administrative fees can be identified. What falls within and outside of the contract must be clear.

Violation Report – solar panels on street side without ACC Approval and against Covenants, BOD to provide address so that WW can prepare letter requesting reasoning and BOD will review.


WW to send Community Compliance Report each month for Violations.


Welcoming Committee – need Iris Olive to define what goes into basket and cost per basket

Safety Committee – Luis Tellez and block captains to attend next meeting

ACC Committee – One Approved Request in March for Solar Panels – 27707 Woodway Bend


Discussion of additional speedbumps or changing locations tabled for discussion at next meeting. Staining of Pavilion completed in March.


Bexar Landscaping – Board approved moving forward with removal of 3 dead trees and replace with crepe myrtles (or similar) at entrance within budget. Flowers will be added within the next 30 days. Irrigation – Valve cut off after high bill, need to locate leak after rainy season. Neighborhood Yard Sale – Motion made by Greg approving $20 budget allowance for advertising and seconded by Reid, gates will be open 8am-12pm. WW to provide clarification as to Rules and Regulations compliance with State Laws. Reserve Study – site visit May 12th. Congratulations to Matthew on Yard of the Month. CPS Meter upgrade May 2nd. Meet with GKW May 11th to discuss traffic strategy. New vendor gate code starting May 1st old code good through May 31st.

The next meeting will be held on May 18, 2016 at Reid Cain’s home.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Erinn Corkins
Administrative Assistant for Limestone Ranch

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SPECIAL BOD MEETING – 5/11/2016 7pm

There will be special BODs meeting held tonight, Wed, May 11th at 7:00 PM.  The meeting will be held at the home of Tom and Leona Angotti.

This meeting will include input and a presentation from a consultant we are soliciting to potentially conduct a traffic study.  This in reference to the impact of opening the back gate.  The only order of business will be this presentation.

The regularly scheduled LSR HOA May meeting will be held next Wed., the 18th at the home of Reid and Pamela Cain.  Another email will come out later this week regarding the agenda.

If you need directions, please contact

Tom Angotti- President
Reid Cain- Vice President
Dianne Sutton- Secretary/ Treasurer
Mike Smith- Director
Greg Anderson- Director

Board Meeting Minutes – February 17, 2016

Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association
Official Board Meeting Minutes (BODs Approved 4.20.2016) February 17, 2016
7:00 PM
The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:15 pm. Persons in attendance were Board President Tom Angotti, Reid Cain, Michael Smith, Greg Anderson and Dianne Sutton showed up later. Leslie Reuter was present from Wildwood.
None at this time.
The January 20, 2016 minutes were approved without corrections. They will be posted on the website so that the owners know what is going on.
The Board has questions on the January Financials regarding items with the explanation of “Management Fee”. The Board is once again requesting to have the financials no later than the 15th of each month. The board reiterated that they rely on the assessments being paid on time to pay bills. The Board will not waive any late fees. Discussion of delinquencies was tabled for another time.
Leslie went over the Monthly PM Report. There were 4 Action items completed in January, 3 Violations, 1 ACC request, and 1 resale request. Cars parking on the street still seem to be an issue. Dianne mentioned that homeowners could take pictures of violations and send them to Wildwood between Violation Runs.
Welcoming Committee – Iris and Dana are working to enhance the Limestone Ranch welcome baskets – adding additional phones numbers such as plumbers, handymen, and local services. They will come to March meeting with process to be approved. They will talk to Sharon about doing Easter this year. (3/19/16 – $4,000.00 allotted)
Safety Committee – There was no update on this committee
ACC Committee – One Request in January for storage shed
Speed bumps are still in the process of being installed within the next couple of weeks at the four way stop at Limestone Pass and Autumn Terrace. Autumn Terrace will only have 1⁄2 due to the water flow. The Board would like to do the Pavilion staining done before Easter. Gina from Bexar Landscaping was unable to make it to the meeting. Board approved moving forward with the Quality Access Gate Proposal.
The Board approved the Reserve Study to begin with a $2,500 limit. The Board instructed Leslie to move forward with contacting engineering companies to do the independent study on the back gate on how to resolve safety concerns with the flow of traffic through the neighborhood.
The next meeting will be held on March 16, 2016 at Michael Smith’s house
Respectfully Submitted by:
Leslie Reuter
Property Manager for Limestone Ranch


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