Board Meeting Minutes – February 22, 2017

Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2017
BODs approved March 22, 2017


Homeowners present: several owners present:

Luis – stated concern that new trash contract may be backward move with ability to leave bagged trash out. BOD responded that two cans is still less expensive than previous contract and 2 bags up to 35lbs are allowed under new contract

Amy – counted cars turning right/left from exit gate starting at 6:45a.m. – 1.5 hrs 65 left and 45 right. BOD responded that GKW Traffic Study is available

Julia – new gate let’s residents go west. BOD confirms that TXDot plans to have access road go one way with completion of turn-around by end of year

Terry – interested in knowing more about the plans and timing for inverted curbing and turn- around at back gate. BOD confirms no plans for creating circular turn-around at gate. BOD to work with owners and intend to clean edges and add top coat, privacy fence would likely be allowed on adjoining lots

Darrell – talked to constable and likes idea of law enforcement in community with ability to take you to jail for speeding

Ralph – speed bumps – will all streets have bumps and will warning signs be placed. BOD confirms no plans for additional or permanent placement and that bumps are intended to modify behavior

Gene – alligator cracks beginning in streets


The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:56 pm. Board members in attendance included Tom Angotti, Greg Anderson, and Reid Cain. Erinn Corkins was present from Wildwood Management.Success stories:

  • Shout out to Julia Moore in attendance for maintaining Limestone Ranch provider list


January 18th Minutes approved. Greg motioned to approve and Reid seconded. Motion carried without objection.


January financials reviewed. Reid made a motion to approve seconded by Greg and the motion carried without objection. Variance Report appreciated. Reid to transfer money to Social Fund Account.

Delinquency Report – less than 10% of ownership in default. Demand letters to be sent in March Violations – BOD prefers Wednesday over Tuesday with new Trash day. Tuesday set for March


Erinn went over management report to include 2 Approved ACC Requests


Social Committee:

Easter and Spring Celebration – date will be April 8 , WW to reserve tables and chairs and Tom to provide previous volunteer organizer contacts

Neighborhood Garage Sale – Julia to determine date. HOA will provide sign and advertisement Safety Committee: Reid and Luis to provide Security Camera options and input

ACC Committee: BOD called for additional ACC officer and Sandra Krieg volunteered and was appointed to the committee


Pricing and Proposals for Annuals, Lawn Dressing, Tree Replacement totals $5,719.40. Reid motioned to approve and seconded by Greg. Dead plants at drainage area. WW to sign proposals and annual contract with BLC. Request BLC to get gravel back in the playscape area
Strategy for Back Exit Gate – Neighborhood Survey complete with 121 in favor and 4 opposed


Vaquero Waste and Recycling – 210-385-7344 – Customer Service was not ready for the newer contract but things are straightened out with pricing and level of service. Possibly late April or Early May bulk pick- up. Park grills previously approved table options and costs discussed. Camera replacement estimates pending. HAA meetings. Homeowner requested to move meetings to a weekday other than Wednesday. Wednesday is good for BOD but possibly once per quarter could do Tuesday or Thursday. Darrell Boyd would like to be considered for BOD, he runs 3 insurance companies and is moving headquarters to Phoenix, would like things to stay nice. BOD advised to appoint two directors at the same time.


To be determined


Board meeting was adjourned to Executive Session at 8:54 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Erinn Corkins
Community Manager for Limestone Ranch HOA

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HOA Board Meeting – March 22, 2017

The March homeowners meeting will be held this coming Wednesday, the 22nd at 7:00 pm. It will be held at the home of Reid and Pamela Cain. 27614 Heritage Pass.

Signs will be posted in the neighborhood the first of the week as reminders.

We always enjoy your participation and look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Agenda to include:

Values in Action / Safety Stories/ Success Stories from the community
Homeowners forum
Minutes approval
Financial review for Feb.
Committee updates
Old and new business

Specifically we will discuss the upcoming Community Garage sale on March 25th and the Easter Celebration on April 8th.

For the Easter Celebration, we will need volunteers to assist in setup and coordination of activities for this event. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

We will have updates on the HAA, the IH10 project and the back gate.

If you have any questions regarding this meeting or the community in general, you may contact any of your BODs listed below.

Have a safe and great day.

Tom Angotti- President
Reid Cain- Vice President
Greg Anderson- Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes – January 18, 2017

Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association Board Meeting Official Minutes January 18, 2017
BODs approved 2.22.17


Homeowners present: Gene, Rich, and Steve Trickel

  • Woodland Pass speedbump: continued discussion on effect of slowing down for safety
  • Mr. Trickel of 9123 Limestone Pass stated he’s selling his home and is unhappy with the proposed project for the back gate. He states he was told by the developer that the gate would not be used. He also stated he was aware that his water meter is on common property. He’s considering legal action.
  • Survey regarding back gate to see those in favor and not in favorCALL TO ORDER

    The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:51 pm. Board members in attendance included Tom Angotti, Greg Anderson, and Reid Cain. Erinn Corkins was present from Wildwood Management.
    Success stories:

    • Julia Moore/ Limestone Ranch provider list
    • Homeowner cleaned up street after vendor left messAPPROVAL OF MINUTES

      November 16th minutes approved. Reid motioned to approve and Greg seconded. Motion carried without objection.


      November and December financials reviewed. Reid made a motion to approve and the motion carried without objection. LSR was in line with budget and underspent allowing additional revenue in 2016.

Discussed delinquencies and agreed that if an account is behind $300.00 or more, a demand letter will be sent.
Discussed violations and the need to adjust for trash pick-up day being moved to Mondays. Notify Roland.

  2. COMMITTEE REPORTS Social Committee:Welcome Baskets
    Decided to pass on the community paper shredding event Decorating contest winners:

    Best House – 27715 April Dawn

    Best Block – Autumn Terrace N of Limestone Pass
    Safety Committee: Security/neighborhood watch update. Keypad camera not working. Mr. Luis Tellez to relinquish responsibility. HOA has been engaged in security efforts for over 2 years and appreciate those who were willing to serve. Program discontinued due to limited support. With any uptick in crime, Board will look at reinstallation.
    ACC Committee: Discussed recent requests and continued improvements in neighborhood.

  3. OLD BUSINESSDiscussed Bexar Landscaping purchase and install of 3 trees: 2 Red Oaks and 1 Mountain Laurel Strategy will be done within next 3 weeks for back exit/frontage road study
  4. NEW BUSINESSTop dressing/ aeration/ recommendations from Bexar Landscaping, weed prevention time, and ant control A motion was made to renew the Quality Access gate contract, Reid seconded and the motion carried without objection
    Change gate code, keep old code active until 2/28/2017

    Playground inspection expense of $125.00 approved, must replace swing rope
    Email approval of Vaquero contract ratified at meeting, motioned by Tom and seconded by Greg Homeowner behind neighborhood cleaning by blowing debris with HOA permission
    Are fireworks against rules? Two times per year by 12:30
    Send last two annual meeting minutes to Board

  5. SCHEDULE NEXT MEETINGTo be determined
  6. ADJOURNMENTWith no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:58 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Erinn Corkins
Community Manager for Limestone Ranch HOA

Erinn went over management report. nd Discussed new owners that moved into the neighborhood the 2 the community website.

week of January. Tom sent them a link to

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