Board Meeting Minutes – June 17, 2015

Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association

June 17, 2015 7:00 PM

Board Meeting Minutes Official-Approved July 15, 2015



The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:36 pm. Persons in attendance were Board President Tom Angotti, Dianne Sutton, Reid Cane and Greg Anderson.. Dana Ruppel was in attendance via conference call.


The May 2015 minutes were unanimously approved with no changes.


The May 2015 financials were approved without corrections. Dana did confirm that the $4k check was cut and deposited into the social account.


Dana and the board reviewed the delinquency and determined at this point, there is no one that will need to be sent to legal. The Violation Report was then discussed and Dana confirmed that Roland is doing the violation runs on Friday’s in the afternoon. Dana and the board then reviewed the Management Report with scores.


Luiz Tellez was not present to go over the Security/Neighborhood Watch Update. Mr. Tellez has also not drafted the letter to the homeowners requesting their contact information for emergency purposes. Dianne then reported on the Movie in the Park- this should start sometime in June. There was no update on security camera replacement at the front keypad. Dana then reported that the installation of the new memory card has not been completed as of date due to the computer system at LSR- Dana will continue to monitor the situation and keep the board posted.


Bexar Landscaping was approved to move forward with the flowers in the front and repair of rock border. Dana will ensure that the proposals are signed off on. The neighborhood sign and mailbox canopy was put on hold for now. Reid is working on this project. There will also need to be a survey sent out the homeowners for their opinion on the mailbox coverings. Dana will also get an additional two estimates for the masonary columns. This will be discussed at the next meeting. Reid is still working on the back gate and in contact with several gate companies. The playground equipment is scheduled to be repaired within the next two weeks. The Yard of the Month was chosen and they received the sign as well as the personalized letter. Lastly, the board requested three bids on a new website. Dana will work on this for the next meeting.

With no other business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:47. Respectfully Submitted by:

Dana Ruppel
Limestone Ranch Property Manager

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Board Meeting Minutes – May 20, 2015

Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association th Official Board Meeting Minutes (approved BODs June 17 )

May 20th, 2015 7:00 PM


The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:21 pm. Persons in attendance were Board President Tom Angotti, Secretary/Treasurer Dianne Sutton and Michael Smith. Leslie Reuter was also in attendance from Wildwood Management Group. Attorney Bill Crist was present as well as Luiz Tellez.


Gene requested the contact information for Alamo Lot Maintenance who does the street sweeper. The color of the playground was also discussed. Gene believes it is dark and drab looking and during the summer months will get real hot. He believes it should be a lighter color or perhaps a cover should be put over it. The issue of yard work and dirt was also mentioned. Dirt needs to be placed on the grass not in the street or in driveways. When it rains, the mud becomes everyone’s issue. Where the trailers are parked also becomes an issue when they parked in such a way that it becomes a safety issue. Jill Lauderdale also asked if the Annual Meeting Minutes could be posted on the web site. Tom informed her that the Annual Meeting Minutes are not approved until the following Annual Meeting, but perhaps we can find out if we could post a draft.


The April minutes were unanimously approved with no changes.


Tom explained that even with the change in the landscaping company and the extras that were done, Limestone Ranch is in good shape. The Financials were approved unanimously.


Leslie brought the remote for the mail person and the $4000 check requested to replenish the social funds budgeted monies. It was also discussed that the dollar amount triggers when legal action is taken on the delinquencies. Leslie explained that Welcome Packages are sent out after Wildwood receives the transfer paperwork from the Title Company. The time frame varies depending on when Wildwood receives the documentation.


The board discussed the violation reports. Garbage cans are still an issue. Homeowners
cannot leave the cans against the house. Leslie explained that they need to be out of view from any common areas so they cannot be seen from the street. It was asked if Roland could possibly go later on Friday afternoons. Parking on the street is still an issue. The Board has decided to personally speak with the constant violators. The red tape on the trees at the front entrance are areas that Bexar Landscaping will be back on Friday to address. Luiz Tellez is again wanting the Community Directory to be put together. He will work on a letter to send out. Dianne will find team captains to have homeowners go out personally to get the information needed from their neighbors. The Board has asked Bill Crist to look into the legalities of opening up the gate at the

back of the property. Leslie informed the Board that GVTC is looking into the lines at the front gate to see if that may be where the issue is with installing the memory card. The question regarding fences was brought up questioning who is responsible for the fences repairs. The Board determined, through speaking with Bill Crist, that it would be between homeowners as to who would make the repairs and/or split the cost. Leslie is waiting on the bid from Alamo City Property Restoration and Top Notch Construction for the masonry work of the column at the entrance. Leslie will contact Playground Assembly to redo the proposal for just the repair of the dome and the repainting of the Tic Tac Toe board at the playground. The Movie in the Park will continue this summer once a month. Dianne will speak with Sonny about doing it again this year starting in June. She would also like to give a $20.00 gift card. The board approved.


Greg Anderson called in to speak with the rest of the Board of Directors about wanting to join the Board. He believes that with his legal background, he will be an asset to the Board. A motion was made and accepted to have him as a Board member. The pie shaped piece of land in the front of the property is in the process of being deeded to the HOA. Luis Telez explained that the keyboard camera went out for the security cameras. He would also like to move the cameras to better read the license plates. The Board approved $300.00 to replace and improve the cameras. Hand written notes will be given to homes that receive the Yard of The Month. The street signs and stop sign frames need to be repaired and repainted. Leslie will get bids to do so. The Board would like to erect a 10×10 covered shelter for the school bus stop at the park to prevent the children from being in neighbor’s yards and darting across the street in bad weather. Leslie will also get bids on this project. Lennie will now be charging $800.00 a year to maintain the web site. The Board would like for Wildwood to look into other proposals for this. Bill Crist introduced himself and gave a little of his background. He will send a proposal for legal services.

With no other business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 9:28. The next Board meeting will be held on June 17,2015. Respectfully Submitted by:

Leslie Reuter
Limestone Ranch Assistant Property Manager

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