Board Meeting Minutes – September 16, 2015

Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association
Official Board Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2015 7:00 PM
(Approved Nov. 18th BODs)


The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Limestone Ranch Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:22 pm. Persons in attendance were Board President Tom Angotti, Dianne Sutton, Reid Cain, Michael Smith and Greg Anderson.. Dana Ruppel was present from Wildwood. Bill Crist attended from the Crist Law Firm


The August 2015 minutes were approved without any corrections.


The August and September financials were tabled until the next meeting or approval via email. The board also discussed the 2015 budgeted income vs. year to date income and outside items that will need to be budgeted for within the 2016 fiscal year. Dana reviewed the delinquency report; the board then reviewed the violation report.


Dana reviewed the August Property Manager Report and confirmed the welcome packets do include the letter from Tom as part of the packets. Dianne also confirmed that each street has a Block Captain assigned.


LSR will hold a Fall Pumpkin Patch with the monies taken from the social funds allocated for social events. Luiz Tellez was not in attendance so he could not address the items on the agenda that had been assigned to him. Tom then requested some additional language to be added to the ACC Forms.


The neighborhood signage has been tabled for the time being. The board requested Pavilion statin estimates and rock stabilization estimates. Dana will have Leslie work on this for the next meeting. At this time Bill Crist addressed the board as well as the homeowners in attendance about the annexation of their neighborhood as well as the installation of a second gate at the back of the community. Mr. Crist also discussed the letter which will go out to the two homes that will be affected by this gate.

The board also discussed the upcoming annual meeting on the 21st of October as well as the budget draft for 2016.  Dana will make the changes to the draft and email to the board once completed. After this discussion, Dana excused herself from the meeting and the meeting continued with a Q&A from the board and membership with Bill Crist.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Dana Ruppel
Limestone Property Manager

HOA Board Meeting – November 18, 2015

The November Homeowner’s meeting will be held this coming Wednesday,  November 18th at 7:00 pm. It will be held at the home of Tom Angotti.   Signs will be posted in the neighborhood as reminder.

Agenda to include:
Homeowners Forum
Success Stories
September Minutes approval
Financial Review
Committee Updates
Old and New Business

If you need directions, feel free to contact

Tom Angotti- President
Reid Cain- Vice President
Dianne Sutton- Secretary/ Treasurer
Mike Smith- Director
Greg Anderson- Director

Annual Meeting – October 21, 2015

Each of you will be receiving in the mail a packet notifying you of the
upcoming annual homeowner’s meeting. This meeting is an annual meeting
which reviews last year as well gives some updates and insight to 2016. It
will be held *Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 2015* at Fairfield Inn and Suites, 6
Cascade Caverns Road, Boerne, TX 78015. Registration will start at 6:30 PM
with the Official Meeting beginning at 7:00 PM. We will be electing 2
members to the Board of Directors. Officers will be elected by the Board
Members the following meeting.

I encourage each of you to consider being part of the Board of Directors.
You will receive a candidate form in which you must return to Wildwood
Management Company. Candidates will be placed on the ballot with election
through in person and Proxy votes only. The Proxy Vote form will be
included in your packet you receive in the mail.

The agenda will include:

– Welcome, Purpose and Introductions
– The reading and approval of the 2014 Minutes
– The President’s Report
– The Tresurer’s Report

2015 Year to Date Expenditures

2016 Approved Budget
– Nominees for the 2015- 2016 Board of Directors
– Homeowner’s Forum

Plan on attending this year’s annual meeting. The LSR BODs look forward to
seeing you there.

Tom Angotti- President

Reid Cain- Vice President

Dianne Sutton- Secretary/ Treasurer

Greg Anderson- Director

Mike Smith- Director